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Fyrndellian calendars vary across cultures, with the two most-used calendars corresponding to the world's two largest powers, The Operan League and The Mhedorian Empire.

The Operan Calendar

The Operan Calendar is comprised of four sections, each totaling a quarter of a year and corresponding to the four seasons experienced by the bulk of The Operan League member nations - spring, summer, autumn, and winter.


Years are recorded based on the "age." Ages are not defined by any ruleset, and are instead determined by seers of the Academy of Feros Dul, who mark a new age based on analysis of signs and portents. The current age is the Age of Trepidation.

Yearly notations are made as so: "Year 733 of the Age of Trepidation."

The Operan Calendar counts 360 days in a year, with each season divided evenly into 90 day quarters.

Spring - Sowing Season

The first season of the year is Sowing Season, in accordance with the bulk of the time when Fyrndell's farmers begin planting their crops and working their fields.

Days are called "Sowersdays." For example, the tenth day of Sowing Season would be notated as, "Day 10, Sowersday, Year 733 of the Age of Trepidation."

Summer - Labor Season

The second season of a year is Labor Season, and marks a period of time where a great deal of work is performed. Farmers work their fields, craftsmen work their crafts, carpenters, masons, and builders construct and repair structures and infrastructure, and fishermen go out to sea.

Days are called "Labordays and would be notated as, "Day 10, Laborday, Year 733 of the Age of Trepidation."

Autumn - Reaping Season

The third season of a year according to the Operan Calendar is called Reaping Season, and marks a period of time where the harvest is taken in, building and crafts projects near completion for the year, and a great flurry of work is done to prepare for the coming cold.

Days are called "Reapersdays" and are notated as, "Day 10, Reapersday, Year 733 of the Year of Trepidation."

The priesthood also conducts large religious services on every 15th Reapersday, which has led to a slightly heretical connotation for the season among the lowborn.

Winter - Feast Season

Winters in the majority of Operan League nations range from cold to brutally bitter, so the bulk of the year's work is intended to prepare for the slow and challenging winter season. Lords and nobles are wont to hold massive feasts during this time, inviting the majority of their serfs and underlings to partake in the bounty (though not all lords are as generous).

While craftsmen and traders continue to work throughout this season, commerce does slow down as travel becomes more challenging and dangerous.

Days are called "Feastdays" and are notated as, "Day 10, Feastday, Year 733 of the Year of Trepidation."

The Mhedorian Calendar

The Mhedorian Calendar has been used for over a millennia in The Mhedorian Empire and is far simpler than its rival calendar.

The Mhedorian Calendar is based on the dynasty of the sitting Emperor or Empress and counts how many days since the dynasty took the throne.

The current sitting imperial ruler is Empress Aureia Culperio of the Culperio Dynasty, which has ruled the empire for over 500 centuries. As such, an example date would be notated as, "180,000 Culperio."